It's Not Over: Days After Election, These Races Are Still Undecided

Updated at 3:01 p.m. ET It's two days after the midterm elections, and there are still a few things unknown about the outcome. There are several House races and a handful of Senate seats still up in the air, along with two high-profile governors' races in Georgia and Florida. Some may be decided shortly, but a few may not be called until next week or later. Democrats have picked up 30 House seats , more than enough to recapture control of that chamber. But there are still about a dozen...

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SPR and N3

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KPBX Live Broadcast from the Fall Folk Festival 2018 November 10

The annual Fall Folk Festival kicks off Saturday, November 10 with a free concert broadcast live on KPBX. SPR's Verne Windham and Carlos Alden will host a diverse group of folk performers at Spokane Community College.

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While spring prepares us to spend time outdoors, it also welcomes bears back out of hibernation. One wildlife expert wants campers, and northwest residents, to be bear aware. Chuck Bartlebaugh says “The closest they’ve come is the Red Wagon, that’s downtown Spokane.”

In Riverside State Park, you can’t help but notice that there seems to be lots of what appear to be dying Ponderosa pines this year, trees that look like all the needles are turning red. Forester Guy Gifford of the Department of Natural Resources says he has seen this happen before, in 5 to 7 year intervals. The trees are being hit by fungal or insect related pathogens that are related to weather patterns.

City Initiative Directs Volunteers to Groups in Need

Mar 17, 2014

The city of Spokane will use April, the National Volunteer Month, to formally kick off a new volunteer database and a week of doing good. The initiative ‘Spokane Gives’ will direct volunteers to the organizations that need help.

Limerick Written into Plans for St. Patty's in Spokane

Mar 14, 2014

More than 20 years ago, Spokane became sister cities with Limerick, Ireland, a river city and regional capital. This year, Irish people in Spokane are giving a couple nods to the sister city.

January 5 – 15   Call of the Wild by Jack London, read by the late Norvel Trosst.  In solidarity with The Big Read, sponsored by the Spokane County Library District.

Conference Dishes Strategies for Local Food

Apr 17, 2013

In an agricultural area of the state, residents of Spokane County spend only 2% of their food money on goods produced regionally. The goal of Friday’s food economy conference is to brainstorm ways to boost local food revenues.