Spokane Considers Changes To Encourage Affordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing has become a big issue in some Western cities. Many cite that as one major reason for growing homeless populations, especially in big cities like Seattle and San Francisco. But Spokane has its own problem, with low vacancy rates in rental units and, because of supply and demand, increasing rents.

Next week, the Spokane City Council will consider three ordinances aimed at creating more incentives for developers and property owners to build affordable housing.

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Donate Music, Movies, and More for the Record Sale

Spokane Public Radio is now accepting donations for the annual Record Sale.

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Limerick Written into Plans for St. Patty's in Spokane

Mar 14, 2014

More than 20 years ago, Spokane became sister cities with Limerick, Ireland, a river city and regional capital. This year, Irish people in Spokane are giving a couple nods to the sister city.

January 5 – 15   Call of the Wild by Jack London, read by the late Norvel Trosst.  In solidarity with The Big Read, sponsored by the Spokane County Library District.

Conference Dishes Strategies for Local Food

Apr 17, 2013

In an agricultural area of the state, residents of Spokane County spend only 2% of their food money on goods produced regionally. The goal of Friday’s food economy conference is to brainstorm ways to boost local food revenues.