Washington's Rental Housing Market Is Looking Better, Still Tight In Rural Areas

Two months into this year, researchers are looking back at what changed on the housing front in 2018. According to the latest numbers from the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at the University of Washington, the statewide vacancy rate for all apartments is 4.26 percent. That’s better than it was last fall, but not by much. A market is generally considered full at a 5 percent vacancy rate. And while it is getting better for renters looking for an apartment, it’s still not easier...

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The Record Sale 2019

Join us February 23 & 24 at the Spokane Valley Event Center for two days of bargain hunting. Thank you for all your donations. We are no longer accepting donations, as we prepare items for the sale.

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Big rig truck drivers are accustomed to getting the stink-eye and rude gestures from other drivers on the freeway, but one Washington long-haul driver is getting much nicer recognition in Spokane. He's being hailed as a genuine hero by the state.

Jason Lucas, who works for Swift Transportation in Newport, is credited with protecting and assisting a woman who crashed head-long into a deer on I-90 near Spokane last May - probably even saving her life. It was morning rush hour - heavy traffic streaming into Spokane - when Ramona Sheppard noticed Lucas's big truck slowing.

People of the Methow Valley and the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation were hoping for more money to rebuild hundreds of lost homes and livelihoods.

The coast has generally been considered the area of the Northwest most at risk for a catastrophic oil spill. But the rise in oil moving through the region by rail has raised the stakes for some inland areas.

Ferry County in far northeast Washington has lost another battle in a long legal war against the state's Growth Management Act. Judges of the Washington State Court of Appeals were sympathetic to Ferry County's plight in trying to adhere to wildlife protection mandates of the Growth Management Act, but they ruled, nonetheless, that county overseers came up short - again.

The rural, sparsely populated county has had an ongoing conflict with the state since at least 1997 with one showdown after another over threatened species and habitat protections.

Fall's Start, Separate and Unequal

Sep 23, 2014

Now that the fall equinox has come and gone - officially at 7-29 yesterday evening - daylight in Spokane has now shrunk to less than 12 hours as we plunge toward the winter solstice. Right? Well, not quite...

Although the celestial equinox is supposed to be the moment when daylight and dark hours are equal, in Spokane and environs, it's close, but not exact. Monday's day length was actually 12-hours, 10 minutes and 39 seconds.

Audit Highlights 7 Problems in Spokane City Hall

Sep 23, 2014

The city of Spokane’s administration will receive the detailed findings from their annual audit on Thursday. Mayor David Condon says the city council got a briefing Tuesday, and the city is already working on some of the seven problems highlighted in the audit. Of seven problem areas, five are under the department of community housing and human services (CHHS). Condon underlined the audits summary alongside representatives from the CHHS department, and community groups who receive the city’s support.

Some Oregon cities are setting themselves up for a possible legal battle if Oregon voters approve a marijuana legalization initiative this fall.

Re-cycled Rail Car Bridges Surf-Turf Conflict

Sep 22, 2014

A super-sized re-cycling project on a ranch near Clarkston Washington may prove to be a winner for fish and cattle. The problem for Ranchers Dick and Levi Luhn was how to keep their cattle from stomping through steelhead spawning grounds - and destroying the fish nests - in a small creek that runs between spring and winter grazing grounds. No only how to do it - but just as importantly, how to pay for it.

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Washington State taxpayers who claim local and state sales tax deductions on their federal income tax filing could be in for a rude surprise next year. The short version is, Congress hasn't done anything about extending so-called tax extenders this year. And the sales tax deduction provision, along with many other such tax breaks, expired at the end of last year.

Legal marijuana has been for sale since July in Washington ,but the debate over how much marijuana someone can consume before they are considered legally impaired continues. The legal limit for the active ingredient of marijuana, THC, before someone is considered too impaired to drive is 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood.