Neesha Schrom Crosen

Website Coordinator & Development Assistant

Neesha joined the staff in 2008 as Development Assistant, a shared position between the departments of marketing, special events, underwriting, and the capital campaign.  While her job has changed slightly over the years, she's still heavily involved with marketing, special events, and underwriting.  In fact, if you've attended an event over the last few years, you've probably seen her taking tickets, handing out programs, and escorting guests to the lobby to sign autographs. She also does a lot with technology, including website maintenance, researching new media platforms, and helping the engineer with minor tech support.

When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering with local theatre groups.  She has ample opportunities to put her BA in Theatre to good use.

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SPR exists thanks to the generous volunteers, donors, and community members who support it. After you've made your pledge, check out this sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes of the pledge drives. Check back for a new photo collage each day!

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A big THANK YOU to these wonderful organizations for feeding our volunteers and staff during the Fall 2017 Pledge Drive!

  Kevin and Tony admonish the Listener for listening to Men in Charge in gin-stained pajamas, and then explain why, in the set of parallel universes that are actually our universe, Everything is Strange! First they take you to Top Secret Hotel, where crises abound and proliferate like a handy simile. Where, for instance, are the towels kept? And are they clean or just hung up again, damply? Next, we’re moved to part deux of “Guy Burley, Responsible Budget Steward and Public Bartender” of Commanding Heights, where you can smell the plutocratic armpit up close.