Bonner County Officials Say Flooding is Minor, So Far

May 16, 2018

While major flooding is hitting some areas of the Inland Northwest, the situation isn’t nearly as dire in Bonner County in northern Idaho.

Officials say so far, the biggest issue has been preventing waters from the Clark Fork River damaging adjacent Johnson Creek Road.

Bonner County Emergency Management spokeswoman Pam Finley says the current Pend Oreille Lake level is almost at 2263 feet; flooding will begin at around 2264 feet in the next few days.

"At 2264 feet we’ve got flooding of driveways. In the Clark Fork and Pack River Valleys, the Scenic Bay RV site will be flooded and most dock ramps around the lake will be underwater. Part of the Powerhouse in Sandpoint will be flooded. Water will cover some of the sidewalk at the Edgewater Resort in Sandpoint, and the parking lot at Trestle Creek,” said Finley.

She says it’s possible the lake could reach as high as 2265 feet by May 22nd, the highest lake level since 1997.

Finley says sandbags are available at several locations, including Bonner County District 2 Road and Bridge shop on Eastside Road, and the Selkirk Fire Station in Sagle.

Flooding is also expected to be an issue at the southern end of Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, where there concerns that high water could cause minor flooding of dock ramps and yards.