The Bookshelf: Tales From The Fair

Credit Illustration: Molly Quinn/The Spokesman-Review | Design: Annie Stranger

Over the summer, the Spokesman-Review newspaper commissioned stories with a "Fair" theme from regional writers. A new short story was published each week, and a few stories could not make it into print. Northwest News Network reporter Jessica Robinson enjoyed those stories so much, she invited the authors to come to Spokane Public Radio and record their stories for the Bookshelf. Robinson also interviews each author on their work.

Schedule of Readings (Title links go to the text as published by the Spokesman-Review)

Monday, Oct. 13:
Uncle Fudd by Kris Dinnison
Sunday Morning (With Apologies to Raymond Carver) by Bruce Holbert
Harmony by Sharma Shields
Our Expo ‘74 by Jill Malone

Tuesday, Oct. 14:
Belongs to the Earth by Jess Walter
Mirage by Polly Buckingham
The Heart is the Door by Shann Ray
1974 by Nance Van Winckel

Wednesday, Oct. 15:
All Weaknesses Peculiar to Men by Shawn Vestal
Satan’s County Fair Mix by Jessica Halliday
Wonderland by Samuel Ligon

Thursday, Oct. 16:
The Night Belongs to the Clowns by Leah Sottile
Monologue for a Tilt-A-Whirl by Gregory Spatz
Not Always Fun by Beth Cooley