Avista Coporation

Avista Utilities officials believe they are on track to get approval from utility commissions in five states to complete their merger with a Canadian company.

Hydro One of Ontario is hoping to acquire the Spokane utility.

The plan hit a bump in the road this summer when the CEO and board of directors at Hydro One were replaced.

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission then asked for more information on how the management changes would affect the proposed merger. This week, Idaho regulators set a new schedule for hearings as well.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Spokane City Council may vote to override Mayor David Condon’s veto of a renewable electricity ordinance that sets goals for the city.

One business organization is calling for the council not to act on the mayor’s veto. Instead, it urges interests from all sides to work to create what it calls realistic energy goals.

The ordinance pushes the city to run its own operations exclusively using renewable electricity sources, such as water, the sun and wind, by the year 2020. Then it goes farther, urging a goal of 2030 for 100% electricity from renewable sources for the rest of the city.

Spokane Council Passes Renewable Energy Ordinance

Aug 20, 2018
Doug Nadvornick/City Cable 5

The Spokane City Council last night [Monday] approved an ordinance that sets a 100% renewable energy goal for the city. The measure was approved after more two hours of testimony.

The measure lists two major goals. One calls for the city of Spokane to run its operations exclusively using renewable electricity sources by the year 2020. The second sets a goal of getting the rest of the city to accomplish that by 2030.


Washington utilities regulators are asking Avista and the Ontario-based utility Hydro One for more information about how resignations by Hydro One leadership might affect their proposed merger.