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StoryCorps Recordings Become Spokane-Centric Programs

Jun 20, 2016

When StoryCorps brought their portable recording booth to Spokane in 2015, the organizers asked specifically for two categories of interviews: tales of being in the Military, and stories related to gender identity.  SPR volunteer producer Emmet Stackelberg has taken those SFCC recordings and turned them into two separate half-hour programs that aired June 21, 2016.

The 'Davenport Grand' in Photos

Jun 17, 2015
Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

The Davenport staff and owners opened the new Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane today. The convention-style hotel holds 716 guests rooms, 3 restaurants/bars, and 63,177 sq feet of meeting space. 

Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

It’s that time of year in Spokane when lilacs are in bloom, nights are above freezing, and the community is gearing up for an annual parade. The Lilac Festival and Armed Forces Torchlight Parade happen this Saturday.

If you have been a listener to Morning Edition for any length of time, you are likely familiar with StoryCorps. Now Spokane area residents will have a chance to record their memories for the project. The segment that runs on Fridays is an edited version of an oral history project that tapes about 1000 conversation per year.

They are often very poignant and moving pieces, such as this one that featured Word War 2 veteran Joseph Robertson, and his recollection of shooting a German soldier during the Battle of the Bulge:

'Residents' of the Campbell House visit Verne in the studio to discuss the Campbell House Holidays exhibit at The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Direct from 1910, the lady of the house -- Mrs. Campbell -- welcomes visitors to her decorated home, and the cook -- Hulda Johnson Olson -- asks for assistance in the kitchen making sugar cookies.

Although Spokane is not known for having a large African American population, the community has historically been home to some civil rights struggles. A new book takes a look at the heritage of blacks in Spokane.

Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

The city council voted unanimously Monday night to name the plaza outside city hall the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place. Its subtitle, ‘the Place Where Salmon is Prepared’, is what Spokane tribal members historically called the spot. 

Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

Hopes are high that an agreement can be reached soon that will lead to a home for a Spokane Military and Aviation Museum. The work has gone by many different names over the past 14 years, but efforts have been progressing to find a permanent home for a military and aviation collection that used to be housed at Fairchild Air Force Base.

Spokane To Be Sisters With Central-Mexico City

Aug 25, 2014

The lilac city will soon have ties to a trade hub in Mexico. The city of Spokane is working to become sister cities with a state capital in Mexico’s north-central region. Spokane has business, cultural, and educational links to Limerick, Ireland, Nishinomiya, Japan, and Jecheon, South Korea. Add San Luis Potosi to that list. 

‘Christmas In June’, Hoopfest Turns 25

Jun 24, 2014
Hoopfest 1990 poster
Rick Betts / Hoopfest

When the backboards go up and the sneakers are laced this weekend, it will mark the 25th anniversary of Spokane’s Hoopfest. It has remained the world’s largest three-on-three basketball tournament, and the organizers have a few things planned to celebrate.