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Beyond basic necessities, everything has a price in prison. NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Marshall Project reporter Beth Schwartzapfel about the prison economy and how incarcerated people make money.
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  • Posing as a murder mystery, “Vengeance” takes a look at today’s America, Dan Webster says in his movie review.
  • Since making the leap from TV to film, B.J. Novak has mostly shown up in supporting roles. With “Vengeance,” he’s writing, directing and starring, and Nathan Weinbender says that this feature debut takes a lot of big swings that it mostly misses.
  • Join Zan as she speaks with 1st Call session musician, rock guitarist, rock n' roll hall of fame inductee (with the Doobie Brothers), and overall "genius," Jeff Baxter, by phone about his life, his inspirations, what jazzes him up, and about his solo album release, "Speed of Heat," with sample tracks.(This interview originally aired July 31, 2022)
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