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Restaurateur Shares the Secret of His Success

Restaurants in cutthroat New York City come and go like the seasons.

Given those odds, restaurateur Danny Meyer's track record is amazing. He has built an empire of 10 dining spots, from Gramercy Tavern and a burger joint called Shake Shack to his original eatery, Union Square Cafe.

People certainly come for the food. But Meyer says that what sets his restaurants apart is something that's in the air, not on the plate.

Each diner "needs to believe that they're the only one in the world that matters," he says.

Good service is important but will only get you so far, Meyer says. Hospitality -- the quality that makes customers feel good and want to come back -- is what counts.

Meyer shares the secret of his success in a new book, Setting the Table. More than just the tale of a profitable restaurateur, it's a guide for any business that deals with the public.

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