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Nigella's Party Plan: An Excess Of Fun, Not Expense

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson in London.
Rosie Greenway
Getty Images
Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson in London.

During a time when many Americans are tightening our belts, we may have to loosen them a bit for the holidays, especially when it's time to have guests over. But as cookbook author Nigella Lawson says, "You entertain to see your friends. You're not opening a restaurant."

The main goal is to host a fun and affordable party, Lawson told Steve Inskeep — there's no sense in trying to overdo it.

"You're not trying to show that every nation's cuisine can be represented in your kitchen," Lawson said. "I think people tend to get excessive."

Lawson shares her recipes for festive drinks — and a quick and easy party snack:

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