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Highlights From 'Song Of The Day'

Every weekday, NPR Music's Song of the Day features a new piece of music — and gives users a chance to play the track, link to the artist's Web site and read about what makes each selection special.

But five songs a week can add up to an overwhelming burden for listeners, so host Guy Raz regularly brings in Song of the Day editor Stephen Thompson to showcase the latest highlights. This time around, they discussed Frightened Rabbit's "Swim Until You Can't See Land" (the Scottish band's morbid ode to escape), Sharon Van Etten's "Much More Than That" (a beautiful ballad which reflects on tiny but significant moments), Hiromi's "Pachelbel's Canon" (a surprisingly swinging twist on the classical staple), The Heligoats' "Fish Sticks" (in which singer Chris Otepka unleashes a fire hydrant of ideas) and Lord Cobra's "Colon Colon" (a long lost 1971 calypso song by the late Panamanian singer).

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