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The Emerson String Quartet gives one of its last live performances at NPR's Tiny Desk


In 1976, some college students decided to form a music group - not so remarkable. But these Juilliard students - well, they had some serious staying power.



The Emerson String Quartet is one of modern history's most durable, beloved and prolific chamber ensembles.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: We've divided the whole quartet repertoire just about as equally as we could.

CHANG: And after nearly 50 years, 40-some albums, nine Grammys and countless concerts, the band played one of its last performances at NPR's Tiny Desk.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: It's a very intense, emotional time. But anyway, life goes on.


SUMMERS: Just two days after their Tiny Desk concert, the quartet played its final performance in New York, where their journey began. The tape you've heard here is from that Tiny Desk concert. That full video is out today. Watch it on

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