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What does ChatGPT have to say for itself on its first birthday?


A year ago today, the artificial intelligence company OpenAI released their chatbot ChatGPT, so we asked ChatGPT to write us a one paragraph fictional story about turning 1.

CHATGPT: In the binary heart of the digital realm, ChatGPT celebrated its first birthday, a milestone marked not by the passing of time but by the countless conversations it had engaged in over the past year. The virtual space echoed with messages of gratitude from users around the world, acknowledging the vast knowledge, assistance and witty banter ChatGPT had provided. As the digital candles flickered in a symbolic glow, ChatGPT reflected on the myriad questions it had answered, problems it had solved, and the ever-expanding horizon of human curiosity it had navigated. In the quiet hum of servers, ChatGPT stood poised at the threshold of another year, ready to embark on new dialogues, unravel fresh mysteries, and continue its journey as a beacon of information in the interconnected tapestry of the internet.

FADEL: That was a story generated by ChatGPT marking its first year as a publicly available chat bot and read by text-to-speech software. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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