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Inland Journal, Feb. 20, 2020: Coronavirus And Rare Diseases

Today on Inland Journal, the coronavirus and rare diseases. Later, we’ll talk with a Spokane woman who has a daughter with what is considered a rare disease and her passion to help other families who have their struggles with rare diseases.

But first, we learned Wednesday that, any day now, the federal Department of Health and Human Services will send five people with the coronavirus to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Those people have tested positive for what is now known as COVED-19, or the 2019 coronavirus.

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In Las Vegas — a city known for prize fights — the Democrats were gloves off.

And a new entrant in the ring took a lot of incoming: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has spent more than $300 million of his own money on ads to raise his profile.

Two mornings a week, Arthur Jackson clears space on half of his cream-colored sofa. He sets out a few rolls of tape and some gauze, then waits for a knock on his front door.

"This is Brenda's desk," Jackson says with a chuckle.

Legislation to automatically restore the voting rights of convicted felons when they are released from prison has died unexpectedly in the Washington Senate.

Majority Democrats abruptly ended debate on the controversial bill Wednesday evening when they realized they lacked the 25 votes needed to pass the measure.

This classic adventure story was the first novel published by H.G. Wells, considered by many to be the father of science fiction. First serialized in The New Review in 1895, The Time Machine is credited with popularizing the concept of time travel.

Join Tom Lee as he reads this exciting story for The Bookshelf.

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Washington Department of Natural Resources

Washington Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz is in Spokane building support for her proposal to create a state fund for wildfire prevention and forest health projects.

Franz toured a parcel of private land near Riverside State Park this morning [Wednesday] where crews are thinning trees and removing debris.

Bashar Jackson, better known as the Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke, died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles during what appeared to be a home invasion. He was 20 years old.

While the Los Angeles Police Department would not identify Jackson by name as the victim in Wednesday morning's shooting, NPR confirmed his death through his record label, Republic Records.

Last month, a British man went to a conference in Singapore, then on a ski trip to the French Alps.

What he didn't know when he arrived in the Alps was that he was infected with the virus behind the COVID-19 outbreak.

During his stay at a ski village, it appears he infected 11 other people, who subsequently traveled on to the U.K. and Spain, the World Health Organization says.

Photo from Spokane Farmland Preservation Working Group

A local group has formed to try to save 48 acres of farmland in the Vinegar Flats neighborhood in southwest Spokane.

The current owner of a parcel known as the Pilcher property has applied for and received conditional approval for a permit that would allow for 94 homes to be built on land that is zoned agricultural. There are no immediate plans yet to build the development.


One of hip-hop's brightest young stars has died according to his record label. Bashar Jackson, who performed as Pop Smoke, was 20 years old. The details surrounding his death are still emerging. NPR Music's Sidney Madden joined me here in the studio to talk about Pop Smoke's music and legacy.


SHAPIRO: For those who don't know his music, who was Pop Smoke, and what space did he occupy in the hip-hop scene?