Jacob Frank/National Park Service

Washington Could See Difficult Wildfire Season

The traditional fire season is still a few months away, but Washington’s Department of Natural Resources is trying to forecast what to expect.

Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz says last year was a relatively light season, but still significant.

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SPR and N3

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Membership Drawing

February Membership Drawing: Tickets to Spokane Symphony's Russian Passions Concert & Dinner

SPR will give away 4 packages for tickets to see the Spokane Symphony and dine at Spencer's for Steaks & Chops of Spokane for the February drawing.

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Montana Hospital Set Up to Take Ebola Patients

Oct 16, 2014

There are thousand of hospitals in the U-S, but only four with isolation units suitable for isolating Ebola-infected patients. One of them is in the Inland Northwest, but not where you might expect to find it. It's Saint Patrick, a non-profit hospital in Missoula Montana, a town of about 69-thousand people not too far from the Idaho state line.

Saint Patrick has a special isolation wing to treat highly infectious patients. It's one of only four hospitals in the country so equipped.

Brean Beggs campaign, Larry Haskell campaign.

The candidates for Spokane County Prosecutor represent a member of the establishment, and a challenger who says he wants to change the status quo. Larry Haskell has worked in the county prosecutor’s office since 1998, minus a three year stint in the Air Force following 9-11. He also spent a year working in the US attorney’s office in Spokane, working as an assistant U-S attorney.

Washington State Legislature; Rich Cowan

The sixth-legislative-district senate race was the most expensive in state history in 2010. The district includes rural and urban voters, spanning from Spokane’s south hill west to Medical Lake. This year, Democrat Rich Cowan has challenged Republican incumbent Michael Baumgartner.

Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

An integrated clean water plan, a medical school, and the North South Corridor. Those are the 2015 legislative priorities announced by a group of city council members at a news conference Wednesday. Council President Ben Stuckart and council members Candace Mumm and Jon Snyder released the two page list of state requests.

Boise Lawyer Accuses Judges of Bias

Oct 15, 2014
FLickr - Kevin Goebel / https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevingoebel/

A Boise lawyer for the state of Nevada in its struggle to ban gay marriages has lodged a rare complaint against the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - judicial bias. Monte Neal Stewart, who argued for Idaho Governor Butch Otter in that state's unsuccessful appeal on the gay marriage issue, filed a protest for Nevada against the panel of three judges chosen to hear the cases.

Over the past four years, he wrote, two judges on the three-judge panel heard nine of the eleven cases brought before the federal appeals court on the constitutional rights of gays.

Tuesday, October 14:
It’s Your World: Responding and Adapting to a Changing Climate
Kent Caldera from the Carnegie Institute for Science and Noah Diffenbough from the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University describe the state of climate change science.

No NW Cases, But Health District Tracking Ebola

Oct 14, 2014

The nearest cases of the Ebola virus to the northwest have been in Texas, but Washington health officials are on alert. Tuesday the Spokane Regional Health District sent out details for how staff would track cases of Ebola if they were being treated in Washington state. This includes a weekly chart of cases in the county, Washington, nation, and related deaths.

America By The Numbers

A Public televisions series that looks at the changing demographics of America focuses this week Northern Idaho. The program America by the Numbers takes a look at the new American mainstream , with increasing number of minorities that are changing the face of the country. This week, the show focuses on Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

The show is hosted by award winning reporter Maria Hinojosa who explains why the lake city was chosen:

Devil in the Details Over Budget Dispute

Oct 13, 2014
Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

Spokane’s mayor said “let’s start the debate” on Friday regarding city council uproar over salary increases in his draft budget. Mayor David Condon said he will take the $7,000 salary increase laid out in the budget, but will donate it locally. City council president Ben Stuckart and three other council members said Friday they won’t support the draft budget, and plan to issue changes. Condon told reporters Friday afternoon that if there is debate on how the city implements salaries, maybe it should include all staff salaries, not just top administrators.

Susan Williams reads the initial chapters of Swamplandia​ by Karen Russell, for Spokane Is Reading.