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MS Awareness Week: March 12th – 19th


MS Awareness Week: March 12th – 19th

Stories of life with MS are often portrayed through the everyday moments that people with MS experience. Sometimes these moments and feelings can be hard to explain in words, so people with MS often share them in the abstract. They might describe their sense that time is standing still as they wait in their doctor’s office to hear the words “you have MS.” Or they might share the experience of waking up in the morning and feeling as though their legs are encased in cement. Bringing these moments to life and sharing them with the world allows the stories of living with MS to be seen and understood like never before.

The National MS Society amplifies the stories of people living with MS to raise awareness every day and especially during MS Awareness Week. We won’t stop until the moment we’ve all been hoping for and working toward—when we cure MS for every person living with this disease. Mark your calendar and join the fight. Share your story or connect with a person affected by MS. Add your voice to help raise awareness.

Follow the Society’s social media channels and share with your networks to help ensure that more people understand what life with MS can be like and engage with them to take action.

Explore the moments of MS shared by people who live with it every day.

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12:00 AM - 11:59 PM, every day through Mar 19, 2023.

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