Brian Lindsey

Weekend Edition Host; Operations & Production Assistant

Brian is a Spokane native who has been interested in sound technology ever since playing with a reel-to-reel deck as a kid. He learned radio broadcasting on KSFC, before it was part of Spokane Public Radio but still was part of the broadcasting program at Spokane Falls Community College. Brian also studied radio at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon, where he featured new age and fusion jazz on his own show. He admits that at heart he is a news junkie, which fits in well with his work Saturday mornings as regional host for NPR's Morning Edition.

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April Programs

Apr 29, 2016

April 30, 2016

Purple Reign: The Life, Music, and Legacy of Prince

December Programs

Dec 17, 2015

December 5, 2015

America Abroad - How Drones are Reshaping the World
Drones are becoming the must have gadget for everyone from hobbyists to humanitarians.   On a global level they're being used to deliver aid to the world's most challenged regions and to find and kill the worlds most wanted terrorists without putting US soldier's lives at risk.  In this hour-long program, we look at how drones are revolutionizing the skies, and how this technology has so quickly moved from science fiction to ubiquitous reality.

The next set of Take Five programs will be Invisibilia. We aired the first few episodes a couple months ago and really enjoyed what we heard. Let us know what you think!

November Programs

Nov 6, 2015

November 7, 2015
Political Junkie Special - Election 2016: One Year Out

From PRX and The Truth, it's The Devil You Know, a collection of Election Horror stories. 

October Programs

Oct 2, 2015

October 3, 2015
Immigration Uncovered:  
Untold Stories of Moving North

Nick Taylor via Flickr

Airing Friday, September 18, 2015 at 9pm on KSFC

Few Americans remember that Iran launched its nuclear program in the 1950s with the direct backing of its then ally, the United States. That American support would turn to sanctions and threats of war over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The bitter rivals opened secret negotiations two years ago and are now party to a high-risk deal.  Supporters and critics agree it’s a pivotal moment – but for better or worse?

Tune in for BackStory from the American History Guys for a few weeks of new episodes.  This program brings historical perspective to current events.  Led by historians Ed Ayers, Peter Onuff, and Brian Balogh, the headlines are picked apart and explored by fellow historians, people in the news, and callers interested in getting to the root of today's issues and events.  No era of history is left behind with this fascinating look at the connections between past and present.

September Programs

Sep 2, 2015

September 5, 2015
FUTUREWORK: How Technology Will Redefine the Culture of Work

Technological advances have put us on the edge of a new industrial revolution. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and Susan Hassler, Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Spectrum Magazine, are joined by engineers, scientists, and futurists from MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Rice Univ., and the Institute for the Future to give listeners insights into how technology will redefine work in the not too distant future.

August Programs

Aug 1, 2015

August 1, 2015
Intelligence Squared U.S. - Is Smart Technology Making us Dumb?