Tom Bacon

News Reporter

Tom has worked as a reporter for Spokane Public Radio since 2003. He says he has a passion for the use and misuse of the English language, story-telling, finding something interesting in the mundane, learning and performing great music, trying to understand the dynamics between people, hummingbirds, honeybees and cooking. Tom has been an air host for All Things Considered, a board operator and guest for pledge drives, roustabout and day laborer for record sales, and primarily a reporter.

Tom says that he fell into journalism by accident. His college major was Finance, but he drifted into print journalism and then was pulled into broadcasting by natural aptitudes and opportunities. He explains he was fortunate enough to have worked a stint as a congressional aide for Charlie Wilson and later worked an 8 year term as an afternoon news anchor for one of the major news outlets in Houston, Texas.

Tom wants listeners to know that he tries to find stories that are just a little bit different, unusual, largely ignored or not yet trendy, and then write and tell them in a way that respects listeners’ intelligence.

Ways to Connect

J. Stephen Conn

An anti-union Idaho law approved by the legislature just four years ago has been nullified even before it took effect.

The National Guard

In the aftermath of a ferocious wildfire summer, a Western Washington University professor believes we must re-think the way wildfires are fought. He advocates fighting fire with fire, and he questions the increasing use of aerial tankers.

Richard Bauer

A Yakima police detective must now face accusations that he fabricated evidence against a man who spent nearly ten years in prison after he was wrongly convicted of rape and burglary.

Gord McKenna

A comprehensive new study of a vast underground reservoir of water in central Washington confirms what irrigators and water district managers have known for years: the Columbia Plateau aquifer is rapidly shrinking.

Jeremy Segrott

The founding dean of WSU's new medical school will be Dr. John Tomkowiak, now dean of the Chicago Medical School and experienced in setting up community-based medical schools.

Bureau of Land Management of Oregon and Washington

It's been a tough year for salmon  in the Northwest, especially for Snake River sockeye salmon.


Spokane Public Radio

Now that the air we breathe has become almost opaque over most of eastern Washington, it's not unusual to see people resorting to face masks trying to filter out some of the tiny smoke particles.

Nature will begin to restore fire-blackened acreage next spring, but it will likely use a nasty vegetative troll to do it - cheatgrass.

Even though he's been out of prison since April for killing three WSU students in a flaming head-on drunken driving crash, Fred Russell is still trying to nullify his guilty verdicts. His latest attempt failed.

USDA Forest Nursery

A 200-acre seed and plant nursery in Coeur d'Alene may play a key part in a new federal seed program to help fire-ravaged land recover.