1984 for SPR

Feb 25, 2020

Image from an early pledge drive


Radio Reader features Growing Up by Russell Baker, read by Garrison Keillor.

A four-part series on jazz on film is broadcast.

The Corporate Conscience, a new series examining trends in business social responsibility is played on KPBX.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by the BBC.

“Going Places with KPBX” becomes the theme for the pledge drive.

Obituary for Arthur Martin, program host an owner of Grasshopper Graphics, who produced flyers and artwork for the guides.


March 11 - A Prairie Home Companion Party benefit, at the Sons of Norway Hall.

Four-part series focusing on “American Women in Jazz.”

10-part series on Immigrant Women in America.


Bob & Ray return.

Bradbury 13 begins, a 13-part sci-fi series featuring the short stories of Ray Bradbury.

New jazz series Duke Ellington is Forever.

“Session” features jazz from the Netherlands.

Pledge Drive wrapup: The listeners called in pledges early, cancelling four days of the drive. For $60, listeners got a luggage tag to go with the theme of “Going Places” and for $120, they received a sports bag.

KPBX staff wins Browne’s Addition Festival Media Croquet Tournament


May 12 - “Voices from the Age of Elegance”  A two-part documentary on historic Browne’s Addition, with interviews from the residents, part of the Browne’s Addition Neighborhood Festival, produced by Phyllis Silver. KPBX staff wins Browne’s Addition Festival Media Croquet Tournament in an “intense competition. The “Melodious Mallet Masters” beat the “Features Flyers” and “Chris Peck and the InLaws” from the Spokesman/Chronical, and KREM’s “Striking Trio.” The team was Verne Windham, Martha Shannon, and Mary Mitiguy.

KPBX founder George Cole starts new series, Mind Set, about ideas, opinions and people of Spokane.

The Early Bluesman series by Frank Delaney.

A Prairie Home Companion 10th anniversary trivia.

NPR new series, Faces, Mirrors & Masks: 20th Century Latin American Fiction.


Four-part series Quest for Peace explores the history of American peace movements.


First Annual KPBX Bike-A-Thon


August 5 - First Annual KPBX Bike-A-Thon raised $12k with 47 “Pedal Pushers for Public Radio” whose names are listed

Burlington Northern grand for the “Public Awareness Project” with encouragement to write thanks to B.N.

Summer dinner benefits at Moreland’s Restaurant on July 19 and August 1 netted $925 for the station.

August 18 - Jazzathon, 12 hours overnight, raised money for KPBX and featured a jazz poll, produced by jazz director and operations manager Kathy Grabicki.



Make a Sound Investment with KPBX at the next pledge drive.  Premiums include: checkbook covers for $60 and up, and $120 and uppers will get a vinyl pocket secretary with a notebook and pen.


Article about Reagan’s veto to “obviously excessive” funding for CPB

Returning fall stories include “Star Wars” and “A Canticle for Leibowitz,” as well as “The Mist,” “Fall of the House of Usher,” and “Radio Rep.”

KPBX gets WAMPUM grant.

15-part series on “The Challenge of China and Japan” begins.

October 27 - Annual Big Band Bash to be held at Cavanaugh’s eith thr Spokane Jazz Orchestra, produced by jazz director and operations manager Kathy Grabicki.


Pledge Drive wrap-up: 452 new members.

The Spokane Falls Brass Band with SPR's Verne Windham appears on A Prairie Home Companion, as well as a re-broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s speech “Changing the Lightbulbs: Can We Meet the Comedic Needs of the 80s?”

Morning Edition turns 5.

Expanded post-election coverage.

Summer Storm from local author Jake Wallace premiers on Radio Reader.


Article on Reagan’s second veto of CPB’s funding proposal.

A sparrow in the control room causes a problem when it flips off the transmitter.