1988 for SPR

Mar 18, 2020

Dick Kunkel becomes the KPBX General Manager in September 1988


Feb 5 - U.S. indicts Panamanian Military Leader Noriega on drug charges. 



May 15 - Soviets begin to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. 

May 27 - U.S. Senate ratifies Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

May 29 - Reagan, Gorbachev hold Moscow Summit.



July 3 - U.S. Navy shoots down Iranian airliner over Persian Gulf, killing 290.

July 20 - Monsters of Rock headlined by Van Halen at Joe Albi Stadium.



Truce ends war between Iran and Iraq. 


Dick Kunkel welcomed as General Manager and Program Director. 


Oct 15 - New South Hill translator installed.


Nove 8 - Bush Defeats Dukakis in U.S. Presidential Election .

The Metropolitan Performing Arts Center - now known as the Bing Crosby Theater


The Clemmer Theater is refurbished, placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and re-opened as the Metropolitan Performing Arts Center - known as the Bing Crosby Theatre since 2006.

Dec 1- Benazir Bhutto named Prime Minister of Pakistan; first woman to lead Muslim Nation.

Dec 21- Pan Am Jet crashes in Scotland, evidence indicates bomb.