1991 at SPR

Apr 14, 2020

Verne Windham


First mention of Recordings and Video Sale – “The KPBX Record, Tape and CD Sale” at REI who hosted the event.



The R&V sale included over 3,500 recordings. Special thanks to DJ’s Sound City, REI, Street Music, Frederick and Nelson and Waldenbooks.


Susan Laney, KPBX’s afternoon classical music host, performs with Michael Price and Margaret Berry at the Metropolitan Performing Arts Center and is later broadcast.

Feb 28 - Persian Gulf War ends with Bush declaring cease-fire and announcing liberation of Kuwait.



Verne Windham becomes Director of Arts and Performance Programming.


Christie Bruntlett


 KPBX is now offering 24-hour-a-day broadcasting, after special desert storm coverage and addition of BBC overnight service.


April 7 - Arlo Guthrie comes to Spokane, presented by the Columbia Folk Association and KPBX. Arlo performs at the Met. 


National Native News broadcast by KPBX begins.

Local program Art a la Carte begins broadcasting Fridays at 6:30 pm.


Norvel Trosst


First mention of  Evening Under the Stars at Cliff House chaired by Katherine Gellhorn. Brian Flick, Richard Luna, Barbara Dodson and Steve Maurer comprised the jazz band City Lights and Verne Windham played the alpenhorn.



Clarence Thomas is seated as 106th justice of U.S. Supreme Court.




Special music programming on the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death.

Norvel Trosst, Arts Calendar producer, new age music and afternoon host joins the station.