5 minutes with Spokane judicial court candidates Antush, Ochoa Bruck

Oct 18, 2021

Spokane Municipal Court Judge Matthew Antush faces his challenge for his seat from Gloria Ochoa-Bruck.

The two candidates running for a Spokane Municipal Court judicial seat are: Matthew Antush, the current judge, and Gloria Ochoa-Bruck, who has been a Kalispel tribal court judge since June.

Antush was appointed to the bench in March 2018 by former Mayor David Condon to fill a vacant seat. Before that he was a public defender in Spokane city and county for 25 years.

Ochoa-Bruck has also served as chief judge of the Spokane tribal court. She has been a deputy prosecutor in Benton County and worked as a public defender and in private practice (14 years) as a criminal defense attorney in a variety of jurisdictions. She also worked for Condon on criminal justice reform issues. 

Audio excerpts from the candidates:

Judge Matthew Antush:

Judge Gloria Ochoa-Bruck