On Earth Day, Inslee Gives Lawmakers 'Goose Egg' On Environment

Apr 22, 2015

Washington Governor Jay Inslee used Earth Day to chastise state lawmakers for their environmental record.

The Democrat spoke Wednesday on the lawn outside one of the Capitol press houses. He said the legislature has failed to send him measures on carbon pollution, oil train safety and toxic chemicals.

“The score at the moment is legislators 103 days, environment zero because so far the legislators have an absolute goose egg when it comes to doing anything for the environment this year,” Inslee said.

Inslee’s fellow Democrats failed to muster the votes for his cap-and-trade policy. A measure to regulate toxins in Washington waters died in the state Senate. And the Washington House and Senate have yet to agree on a final oil trains measure.

The 105-day regular session ends this Sunday. However, a special session is expected to deal with the state budget.

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