Fernan Lake Under Health Advisory After Algal Bloom

Jul 28, 2021

Fernan Lake water has a unsafe amount of toxins due to an algal bloom.
Credit Courtesy of Panhandle Health District

The Pandhandle Health District has detected toxins that are dangerous to human health in Fernan Lake.

According to a press release, toxins have been found across the entire body of water due to algal blooms. The dramatic increase in algae looks like thick green mats or scum in the water.

Health officials are urging people who recreate, or fish on the lake to be cautious and avoid exposure to the water. Toxins can’t be removed by boiling or filtration, and can contaminate fish caught in the lake.

Fernan Lake is the second Idaho lake this week to be put under a health advisory due to a toxic algal bloom. Hayden Lake was put under an advisory Tuesday.

Health officials are urging people to avoid ingesting water from both lakes, wash with clean water if exposed, and remove organs, fat and skin from fish caught there before cooking them.

Exposure to the toxins cause hives and rashes, diarrhea, liver and nerve issues.