Growth In Covid Case Numbers Begins To Slow In Spokane

Jun 1, 2020

Growth in the number of confirmed Covid cases has been in the single digits in two of the last three days in Spokane County.
Credit Spokane COVID Response

The growth in confirmed Covid cases in Spokane County has slowed a bit. The health district reported six new cases on Monday, one of the smallest totals in the last two weeks. Saturday also showed growth, with only eight confirmations.

Health Officer Bob Lutz says it’s a start.

“I’m cautiously optimistic that the last couple of days reflect maybe a general improvement. But, as I’ve said before and as I will say in the future, the more testing we do, the more cases that will be out there. The more people get together in larger groups, the greater the likelihood that Covid-19 will spread," Lutz said.

He says he was pleased so many people were wearing masks at Sunday’s demonstration to protest the death of George Floyd.

“Will we see a spike, an uptick in my cases over the next week to 10 days to two weeks? It might. But I think the underlying reason for why people were there and putting their lives at risk for Covid-19 infection sort of outweighed the concern from their standpoint," he said.

Spokane County now has 602 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 33 deaths. Nine people are currently hospitalized with it.