Idaho's Governor Says No Vaccine Passports In His State

Apr 7, 2021

Idaho Governor Brad Little says he has signed an executive order forbidding state agencies from requiring vaccine passports from members of the public.
Credit Idaho Public TV screenshot

Idaho Governor Brad Little is not a fan of the concept of a vaccine passport.

“Vaccine passports restrict the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal. Vaccine passports violate individuals’ freedom to choose the vaccine," Little said.

"From the start I have stated that I am opposed to vaccine mandates. Today I am signing an executive order putting law behind my opposition," he said.

Little's order forbids state governmental agencies from requiring people to prove they’ve been inoculated against Covid in order to receive a governmental service or access a public facility.

He says almost half a million Idahoans have chosen to be vaccinated. He urged those who haven’t to consider getting shots, but said he wouldn’t require it.

The White House has said the federal government won’t issue or require vaccine passports. Washington Governor Jay Inslee hasn’t issued any public statements either endorsing or discouraging them.

But the state of New York is offering a voluntary app for those who want to prove their vaccination status. Several businesses have developed vaccine apps for use in the private sector. Some airlines are testing them.