Inland Journal, June 28, 2019: Spokane City Council Candidate Jeff Martin

Jun 28, 2019

Spokane city council candidate Jeff Martin
Credit Jeff Martin

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, we continue our conversations with candidates running for Spokane city council in the Northwest district. Last time, we heard from the incumbent, Karen Stratton. We’ve also heard from challenger Christopher Savage. In the next three programs, we hear from more challengers. Today, Jeff Martin.

Next Monday and Tuesday, our interviews with two more of the candidates. Andy Rathbun joins us Monday, Jeff Rugan on Tuesday.

We’ve posted our full interviews with the candidates for Spokane city office on the Spokane Public Radio website. We’re adding one a day as we work our way through the list of about two dozen candidates. You can listen to the interviews by clicking on the regional news tab and then clicking on Election 2019, or just go to the Inland Journal page. Or you can get them by subscribing to the Inland Journal podcast in Apple podcasts, NPR One or Google Play.