Inland Journal, June 4, 2019: Spokane City Councilwoman (And Candidate) Lori Kinnear

Jun 4, 2019

Spokane City Councilwoman Lori Kinnear is running for a second term.

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, the second in our series of Spokane City Council candidate interviews leading up to the August primary. Today we talk with City Councilwoman Lori Kinnear, running for a second term in the city's south council district.

Last week we presented Tony Kiepe, a challenger to Kinnear for the seat she holds in the council’s south district. (You can hear his interview here.) There’s also a third candidate in that race, Liz Fleming, who hasn't responded to an interview request.

Lori Kinnear’s background is in broadcast journalism and public relations. She also served as a legislative aide at City Hall and has worked in a variety of roles for community and non-profit groups.