Inland Journal, Oct. 2, 2019: City Council Candidate Michael Cathcart

Oct 2, 2019

Credit Courtesy Michael Cathcart

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, we talk with Michael Cathcart. Cathcart is one of the two finalists for a Spokane city council seat in the Northeast district. His opponent is Tim Benn, from whom we heard on Tuesday.

Both men hope to replace Mike Fagan on the council. Fagan is leaving the council because he’s only allowed to serve two terms.

Cathcart is the executive director of Better Spokane and a local political consultant. He was formerly director of government affairs for the Spokane Homebuilders Association and an aide in the Washington legislature. He is the sponsor of two initiatives that will appear on the city of Spokane’s November ballot. One would forbid a local income tax. The other would require all collective bargaining that involves city employees to be done in public and all contracts that come out of that to be available for the public to read.

Even though Cathcart has been involved in many campaigns as a consultant, this is his first general election as a candidate. In the August primary, he finished second to Tim Benn. Cathcart won 18% of the vote to Benn’s 23%.

Our next two Inland Journal podcasts will feature the candidates in Spokane’s South council district, Tony Kiepe and Lori Kinnear.

You can find our candidate interviews here. Go to the Regional News tab, then click on Election 2019.

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