Inland Journal, September 6, 2018

Sep 6, 2018

This week on Inland Journal (9/6/18; Thursday at noon on KPBX; Thursday at 3 pm on KSFC):      
    ▪    We begin our look at the November general election by talking with our Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins about the four initiatives that will appear on the ballot.
    ▪    WSU’s College of Medicine is sending first- and second-year medical students out to small hospitals to learn about rural medicine. We’ll talk with an administrator and a medical student.
    ▪    As wildfires burn around the Northwest, the Forest Service is moving ahead with timber sales aimed at reducing wildfire danger in both Washington and Idaho.
    ▪    The state of Washington is giving 10 of its old firefighting rigs to rural fire districts to fight wildfires.
    ▪    A traveling exhibit of Rodin sculptures is coming to Gonzaga University this week for a three-month stay. We’ll hear more about it.