KPBX Kids' Concert: Celtic Dance Party at Home with Floating Crowbar- Thank you!

Feb 17, 2021

Spokane Public Radio would like to thank everyone involved in our annual Celtic Dance Party for the KPBX Kids’ Concert. 

Thank you to all who listened and to Floating Crowbar:  Morgan Anderson, Rick Ruben, and Don Thomsen, and James Hunter.

Thanks Verne Windham, Kathy Sackett, Chris Maccini, Leona Vander Molen, and Stephanie Ingoldby.

And thank you to our event donor: Harvard Park Children’s Learning Center North, Sayre, Sayre & Fossum, Attorneys at Law, and Rocket Bakeries. Our grantor is the Johnston-Fix Foundation.

Thank you to all our Spokane Public Radio members.

The next KPBX Kids’ Concerts broadcast will feature music by talented young performers in mid-May. Stay tuned for more information!

If you missed the concert on KPBX check out the Spokane Public Radio Facebook page for a video of the Floating Crowbar KPBX Kids’ Concert.

This great Kids' Concert that will get you and the whole family dancing. Warm up in these winter weeks with some wonderful celtic music from Floating Crowbar on March 6 at 1 p.m. on KPBX 91.1. And you can also stream the concert online, on your phone, or through your smart speaker.


Thank you to SPR Event Donors: Harvard Park Children’s Learning Center North; Sayre, Sayre & Fossum, Attorneys at Law; and Rocket Bakeries. Our grantor is the Johnston Fix Foundation.


Floating Crowbar performing in the studio

About Floating Crowbar:

Multi instrumentalists Don Thomsen and James Hunter have joined forces with guitarist Rick Rubin and fiddler Morgan Andersen in the configuration known as Floating Crowbar, fast becoming known as the best traditional Irish band in the area. With the use of Irish pipes, flute, whistle, banjo and mandolin as well as fiddle and guitar, Floating Crowbar plays a high energy mix of Irish instrumental music and songs drawn from traditional and contemporary sources. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and musical interests, they bring together their common passion for Irish music, good humor, mutual respect and friendship into a show that will be enjoyed by any Celtic music fan. 


You can learn more about Floating Crowbar here.


Tune in on March 6 to hear this great playlist of music:


1. Down the Back Lane

2. Mountaineer

3. Rookery

4. Christy Barry’s

5. Right Tearnin’

6. Crib

7. I’ll Tell Me Ma

8. Woodcock

9. Galway Girl

Extra: Paddy Taylors/Castle Kelly/Otter’s Holt