KPBX Kids' Concert: Hope in Hard Times Thank You

Nov 22, 2021

Linda Parman, Philip Brown, Jim Pittman, and Brad Keeler

Spokane Public Radio would like to thank everyone involved in the encore performance of our November 2021 Kids' Concert, Songs of Hope in Hard Times.  This special broadcast was originally performed and recorded at the The Bing Crosby Theater in November 2014.

Thank you to:

  • Performers: Brad Keeler, Linda Parman, Philip Brown and Jim Pittman with narrator Leonard Oakland
  • Support from: Michael Smith, David Creekmore and Tony Kaseluk
  • Spokane Public Radio volunteers and the members of Spokane Public Radio

Special thanks to event donors  STCUHarvard Park Children’s Learning Center NorthRocket Bakeries; and Sayre, Sayre, and Fossum, Attorneys.