March Programs

Mar 6, 2019

March 30, 2019

BBC Special - Reporting Women

Lyse Doucet hosts this hour-long exploration of how young women around the world perceive news coverage – and which stories they think media are missing.

March 24, 2019

Remembering Hal Blaine - Session Drumming Sensation

America's top session drummer for over 50 years is honored in a music-filled hour from music historian Paul Ingles.

Drummer Hal Blaine drove the beat to our favorite songs by The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, the Association, the Mamas and Papas, Glen Campbell, the Monkees, the Grass Roots, America, Elvis, Emmylou Harris, Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan and more.  Blaine estimates he played on 6,000 records! 

Paul Ingles lines up 17 favorites and provides stories and commentary about the humble and largely unheralded beat-keeper.  Blaine died at the age of 90, March 11, 2019.

March 16, 2019

Immigration Stories: The Gratitude of the Newcomers

In this episode of the program With Good Reason, Immigrants to the United States share their personal stories of how they journeyed from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Republics. David Bearinger introduces excerpts from the filmed interviews and discusses the complexity of the immigrant and refugee experience for the individuals and families who have lived and are living it.

        Also:  The story of how more than a million immigrant Irish children were rounded up from city streets in America at the turn of the century and sent to Protestant families in the west, often never seeing their parents again.

March 9, 2019

The Making of Male Dominance

This one-hour special from the Center for Documentary Studies, co-hosted by John Biewen and Celeste Headlee, goes way beneath the #MeToo headlines to explore questions like: How, and when, did male dominance get started in the first place? (Spoiler: The cave men didn’t invent patriarchy, and it’s been around for only a fraction of human history.) How has patriarchy lasted so long? Some leading (male) Enlightenment thinkers argued that “all men are created equal” should become “all people are created equal.” Why did they lose the argument? (Hint: They lost the skeleton war.)

March 2, 2019

Intelligence Squared U.S.
Should We Bring Extinct Creatures Back To Life?

Once a sci-fi fantasy explored in films like “Jurassic Park,” recent biological and technological breakthroughs indicate that reviving extinct creatures could become a reality. Proponents argue that the benefits include correcting mistakes of the past by bringing back extinct ecosystems and organisms. Others argue it's not ethical, or even feasible. Should humans bring extinct creatures back to life? The debaters are Dr. Ross MacPhee, Stewart Brand, Dr. Lynn J. Rothschild, and Dr. George Church.