Performance Studio a Showcase for Area Arts

The area where Spokane's first fire trucks were build is being transformed into a state-of-the-art Performance Studio, capable of audio and video recording.  Flexible seating allows this room to be utilized for live performances (such as the annual MusicFest and Holy Names Piano Camp) and other needs (such as our necessary pledge drives).

The historic machine shop was being used as a garage before SPR began renovation.

First, the white paint was removed from the brick walls. Because the room is to become a performance studio, acoustics were crucial. Experts agreed that the room needed to be even taller, so the floor was removed.

A deeper foundation was dug and poured in small sections. Finally the floor was leveled to prepare for the final cement floor.

The finished floor is cement for stability, variegated and lined to resemble tile.

The original garage door that separated the insides of the two building is hung in the Performance Studio, to the audience's back.