Pivot February 2019 "Crossroads"

Feb 20, 2019

Pivot host Aileen Kewon Vaux

Pivot Spokane is a live storytelling event hosted quarterly. This event was recorded live on February 7, 2019 at the Washington Cracker Building in Spokane. "Crossroads" was the theme which each storyteller interpreted in their own way.

NOTE: This online and podcast version includes strong language and profanity which may not be suitable for all listeners.

Storytellers are:

0:00 Harry Neff

9:08 Glenn Ward

17:07 Jerusha Emerson

28:03 Alex Franke

38:54 Keleren Millham

47:04 Anthony Schoen

54:55 Kent Hoffman


More information about Pivot Spokane and upcoming events can be found at www.pivotspokane.com