Record Store Day Rotates New Albums Through Spokane

Apr 19, 2014

It’s a big weekend for music lovers, Saturday is Record Store Day. Indie record stores nationwide are taking part in the event, and that holds true in Spokane. Bob Gallager runs the 4,000 Holes record store on north Monroe Street. He says the event started about six years ago, when Indie stores were looking to drum up more business, as the economy was starting to fade.

Gallager: “I think some record stores approached the record labels... there are almost 500 this year."

He's talking good old fashioned vinyl records. They’ve made a comeback in recent years. Gallagher says the great sound quality of records has a lot to do with it.

Gallager: “One thing about records that has always been the case, records sound better than CDs." He says that encourages people to buy his collection again.

Among the special releases this year are LP’s, 12 inch singles, and special singles called side by sides. Bob unwraps a record with no indication on the packaging what might be inside.

Gallager: “This is a single, with two different artists that compliment each other. This is a very cool piece.”

He says Record Store Day has been a boon for the struggling indie stores all across the country , and his has been no exception.

Gallager: “Basically its to keep me alive. I have an incredible day, I pay all my bills, at the same time our customers get really cool records.”

Record Store Day is Saturday, across the nation, at independent record stores.