Up On The Roof

Dec 15, 2015

Jerry Olson on the Fire Station No. 3 tower positioning broadcast equipment.

Brian Flick and Cary Boyce help Jerry Olson attach new equipment to the Fire Station tower.

Equipment can be temperamental. Without elements lined up just right, the line of dominoes that starts from the microphone and ends at your radio falls short.

In this move to Fire Station No. 3, SPR is essentially trying to build a double-line of dominoes backwards. Some places can add new pieces, but mainly we need to keep the old ones too. And many times we've had to wait until a business or service provider made a change to a domino they control. This is a reason why the process has taken months longer than anticipated.

At some point, SPR will simulcast the KPBX signal on KSFC and KPBZ. This is necessary because the computer automation system that manages the news and information service and Radio Remix will be disconnected, physically packed up and trucked to the new location, then meticulously rewired and assembled. All three streams on spokanepublicradio.org will also be the KPBX programming stream. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and endeavor to get all three programming streams back once we've settled in to 1229 N. Monroe St.