Season 6, Episode 19: Would You Care for a Subpoena?

Feb 4, 2018

Tony and Kevin amuse themselves by exploring the prankster’s etiquette for handing out subpoenas. Their advice: it’s better to give than to receive. To give even more, they take us to the first segment, “Lower Heights Recycling and Curbside Healing,” where we learn how dispose of Christmas effluence (fruitcakes, etc.) in a way that no one but your neighbor will object to. Next, they take us to episode 3 (but the 4th in the sequence) of the “Schmalkaldic League,” for more history/myth/lies about the Reformation in Central Europe. This time, Aldo Krasplasian, King of the Puppets, makes his grand move… (or does he…? (probably he does… (maybe…))). After that, honoring calls for more political theory on Men in Charge, Kevin and Tony offer us “The Republic for Richard Stanz.” The topic? Free speech, and how free speech opportunities should be distributed, and how much, and how often. So, speak freely while you can, for soon it will cost you!