Season 6, Episode 23: A Time-Share Life!

Mar 11, 2018

Tony and Kevin are distracted from exploring the nuances, as well as the very substance, of this episode’s title because two cast members (we’ll call them “Liz” and “Luke”) had to be let back inside the studio because the rain was pouring hard and cold, and their noses had been pressed flat against the window for over an hour. After our hosts light Liz and Luke a little trash fire to stay warm in the station lobby, they’re able to proceed with the episode.

First, in “Who’s Making a Hash of Quantum Theory?” our host, Dr. Sydney Fackenheim, interviews a man who has developed a robot/sleek black box to craft audio sympathy cards—with a twist. And when Dr. Fackenheim’s own robot meets the guest robot/sleek black box, well, sparks fly. Literally. Next comes a new segment, “Lester Bellamy, Underappreciated Adolescent.” Lester is an incipient oligarch genius much aggrieved that he’s only a sophomore in high school. Will the arrival of SkyHighMan change everything? Finally, we visit “The Museum of Broken Glass,” where the floor is littered with glass shards of all dimensions. Worse, the Museum has no insurance! We’re left with the following question: Are vampires real? Well, they are if you’re afraid of them. Are you? No? Well you should be…