Season 6, Episode 24: Fish for the Timid

Mar 18, 2018

As another gesture of conceptual cruelty, this episode title is slickly ambiguous. Is “Fish” a verb, referring to baiting and hooking the timid to yank them out of the stream? Or is “Fish” a noun, suggesting that bags of ripe fillets will be dumped on the porches of those too timid to venture out of doors? Too many options, right? So let’s just get to the episode, which is the first of three trilogic parts:

Kevin buys a magic urn from street vendor, and trying to clean it, summons forth the genie of the urn, a giant floating fish. Or, more precisely, a giant floating fish occupied by Manly Druthers, the former host of the 1940’s radio show, “Chandler’s Mints Presents Men of Tomorrow!” He grants Kevin a wish that is immediately inflicted upon Tony. Meanwhile, the episode segments proceed: SkyHighMan returns, aided/interfered with by Lester Bellamy, Underappreciated Adolescent, in an effort to rescue employees from a burning bank. Sadly, SkyHighMan is all tangled up in his cables, and Mrs. Helicopter Pilot is drunk. Next we hear from another member of the New America brand of products and services, “Home Rhinoplasty.” Isn’t it time you trimmed your nose down to size—in the safety of your own home? Finally, Roger Basement interviews the world’s youngest astronomer, who’s once again, Lester Bellamy, Underappreciated Adolescent, there to discuss the search for subpar alien intelligence.