Season 6, Episode 26: The Fish Betrayals

Apr 1, 2018

  For the third part of the now widely known and possibly admired Fish Trilogy, the story—as well as Season 6 itself—draws to a conclusion, the way third parts of trilogies typically do, and in a way that will satisfy all but the attentive listeners. We learn whether Kevin can become himself again, as well as how Manly Druthers became a giant blue treacherous floating magical fish in the first place. And the question of whether or not Men in Charge can re-masculize American culture on its own remains properly unaddressed.

This week’s segment keep clear pace with the Fish theme in no discernible way. First, Trevor and Jill take their TV show, “Pint-sized Pads,” straight into your radio as they visit Dan Blanche, Lower Heights Community College’s longest serving adjunct writing instructor at his tiny house in a campus meat locker/bacteria gestation tank. Next we tune in to “Public Radio Arts and Business Beat,” where our churlish host, Stephanie, interviews the same feckless freelance thugs we met last week at the Designated Surfing Zone, from which they were fired. Finally, Elong Muscat takes us to Mars for “Time Dilation Aesthetics,” where, if you’re in the right portion of the 1%, you too can become younger and thinner as you approach the speed of light. That’s right—if you’re in the right portion of the 1%.