Season 8, Episode 7: We're Not a Scientist!

Nov 3, 2019

In a good-natured shredding of idiocy, Tony and Kevin do a little slicing and dicing through the “We’re not a scientist” bleating of climate-change deniers.  Stitches will be required. As for the partially related segments of this episode, first, in the 8th installment of “Heaving Bosoms,” Grantley Ridgely’s insufferable virtue puts the Ridgely estate in jeopardy, and the Crone’s pregnancy seems to have become a perpetual condition. Then we have a return to “Scales of Justice,” the prehistoric undersea legal thriller, starring that dashing trilobite, Balthazar Q. Esterhazy. Next is a new segment, with Hugh Green, docent of an art gallery at a savings and load, where you can borrow money to buy paintings, or a car.  And don’t worry—the segment ends with the obligatory gun-play. Finally, we meet “The People’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Griff (“Call me ‘Griff’”) Griffin.  What is a “people’s veterinarian”? Why are there kennels in a back room of Griff’s clinic? Can the kenneled have their parking validated?  No, it turns out.