Spokane Commissioners Ask For Immediate Business Reopenings

Apr 29, 2020

Spokane County's commissioners have formally asked Governor Inslee to allow more businesses to reopen.
Credit Courtesy of Spokane County

Spokane County has sent a letter to Governor Jay Inslee asking him to allow certain businesses to immediately reopen.

The letter from the Spokane County commissioners cites the progress Spokane has made in reducing the rate of increase of confirmed Covid cases.

The commissioners believe that justifies their desire to get the economy moving again. They’ve asked the governor to allow a variety of businesses to resume work.

They include some non-coronavirus-related medical appointments and procedures. They want to empower any retailer that can do curbside or pick-up services, online sales or appointment-only services. They want to allow auto and RV companies to sell vehicles. They want landscaping companies to go out and work on yards and in-home cleaning businesses to clean people’s homes.

All of these would happen with the necessary PPE and distancing requirements that guide most of our life.

This comes on the same day that Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward told KHQ that Governor Inslee has shown a willingness to consider regional solutions to reopen the economy. Inslee confirmed that in a news conference Wednesday.

Jay Inslee: “There is consideration being given to having earlier dates to start these next steps. We have not made a final decision on that, but it’s something we’re continuing to look at the data.”