Spokane County Begins Renovation Of New Home For Medical Examiner

May 13, 2019

Spokane County's medical examiner will get a new, much larger space next year near the city's medical district.
Credit Spokane County

Spokane County officials began renovation today [Monday] of a facility that will house the medical examiner’s office.

That office currently occupies space near Holy Family Hospital.

The office’s new home is much larger and located just a few blocks east of the downtown core, just off of First Avenue.

Medical examiner John Howard says it will be remodeled over the next year to fit the office’s needs.

“The new facility will have observation rooms so people can observe the autopsy. They’re confidential, but law enforcement who are investigating the death or medical students or visiting physicians would be able to have a comfortable place. Certainly, the medical students will also be able to participate directly in the autopsy suites," Howard said.

The medical examiner’s new space is just a few blocks from the south landing of the new Gateway Bridge, which will allow easier access for medical students in the University District.

Howard says the new facility will feature two refrigerated areas where bodies will be stored. It will also have a tissue recovery room where body parts that can be donated to living people can be housed.

The medical examiner’s office expects to move into its new facility in about a year.