Spokane's Patsy Clark Mansion Has A New Owner

Nov 17, 2020

The historic Patsy Clark Mansion in Spokane's Browne's Addition neighborhood has changed hands.
Credit Doug Nadvornick/SPR

One of Spokane’s most iconic buildings is changing hands.


The law firm that has owned the Patsy Clark Mansion in Browne’s Addition for the last 16 years is selling to a group of Spokane investors.

Eymann Allison Jones and Hunter Elder Law renovated the building and has made it available for public meetings and tours. Now it’s selling to Patsy Clark, LLC, whose managing director is Steve DeWalt.

“We love Browne’s Addition as a neighborhood. It’s this great intact, thriving neighborhood, one of the first real neighborhoods in Spokane. It’s pretty compact, intact and I think Patsy Clark is a great example of what this neighborhood was and what it can continue to be and evolve into," DeWalt said.

The three-story mansion was built in the late 19th century by north Idaho mining executive Patsy Clark. John Allison says his law firm wanted to take its time to find the right buyer.

“We always felt that this building was going to be part of our legacy. We were always proud of the work we did to preserve it and we simply were not going to let that go to just anyone," he said.

Allison says there have been several inquiries since his firm announced its plans to sell. He says DeWalt’s group has shown a dedication to saving historic buildings around town.

The mansion includes a carriage house that sits behind the main structure. It has mainly been used for storage. DeWalt says the investors are looking into giving that a new use, perhaps as some kind of living unit or small business.

Allison's law firm will continue to occupy offices on the building's second floor. InterUrban Development will lease space on the third floor. Plans for the first floor haven't been finalized. DeWalt says the owners will continue to keep that space open for public use, such as weddings, holiday parties and fundraisers.

Terms of the sale haven’t been disclosed.

Both Eymann Allison Jones and Hunter Elder Law are financial supporters of Spokane Public Radio.