From the Studio: Ignite! Community Theatre

Nov 7, 2018

(from left) Director Troy Heppner and actors Moira Moore, Jacob Carruthers, Julie Berghammer, and Jerry Uppinghouse of Ignite! Community Theatre.
Credit Spokane Public Radio

Amid their interview this morning, four actors—Julie Berghammer, Jacob Carruthers, Moira Moore and Jerry Uppinghouse—played out two short scenes for us under the direction of Troy Heppner, giving us a tantalizing taste of their spooky new show: “Two Witches, No Waiting.” Set in a small Texas town, it spotlights sisters (and supposed witches) Arlene and Elzbeth Marcus and the quirky characters that surround them as they stew in a heady brew of twists and turns, where barn owls spy on people through windows, closets fly open and even their house itself seems alive.

Performances will be at 7:30 PM Friday & Saturday and 2 PM Sunday beginning on November 9, with more at the same times each week through November 25.

This production is suitable for general audiences.