From the Studio: Ignite Community Theatre Presents "See How They Run"

Sep 4, 2019

From Left: Michelle Bakken, George Morrison, Karen Brathovde, Tristen Canfield, and Dan Griffith of Ignite! Community Theatre's production of "See How They Run."
Credit Spokane Public Radio

Ignite Community Theatre visits the studio with a preview of their new production, Philip King's riotous farce, "See How They Run." Karen Brathovde, Director, and members of the cast Dan Griffith (Arthur Humphrey), George Morrison (Bishop of Lax), Tristen Canfield (Miss Skillon), and Michelle Bakken (Ida, the maid) discuss their roles and perform a scene from the show.

"See How They Run" opens 7:30 PM Friday, September 13, and runs through September 29. For tickets and more information, visit