From the Studio: Ignite! Presents Lux Radio Theatre's "Casablanca"

Oct 18, 2019

From left: Daniel Nailen, Julie Berghammer, Pamela Kingsley, Dan Griffith, and Alex Barclay of Ignite! Community Theatre's "Casablanca."
Credit Spokane Public Radio

Ignite! Community Theatre's latest production is a one-weekend-only recreation of the 1944 Lux Radio Theatre Broadcast of "Casablanca," originally produced by Cecil B. DeMille. Director Pamela Kingsley visits the studio to discuss the staged recreation, with actors Alex Barclay (Rick), Julie Berghammer (Ilsa), Dan Griffith (Renault), and Dan Nailen (Lazlo), who perform a few scenes live on air.

Ignite! performs "Casablanca" at 7:30 PM Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th, and at 2 PM on Saturday, October 20th. For tickets and more information, visit