From the Studio: Spokane Youth Ballet Presents "Peter and the Wolf"

Jan 9, 2020

From left: Naomi Hanvey, Brooke Geffry-Bowler, and Phaedra Jarrett of Spokane Youth Ballet's "Peter and the Wolf."
Credit Spokane Public Radio

Spokane Youth Ballet recently received a SAGA grant to fund a special project to promote dance and dance education. The result is a new production of the classic ballet, “Peter and the Wolf,” showcasing the choreography of student dancers. Academy of Dance Director Naomi Hanvey, Phaedra Jarret, and young choreographer and dancer Brooke Geffry-Bowler visit the studio to talk more about the purpose and process of the show.

“Peter and the Wolf” will be performed at 2 PM, Saturday, January 11, at the Bing Crosby Theater. For tickets and more information visit